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Welcome to Jerry's RC Helicopter Guides

Getting started in the RC Helicopter hobby can be frustrating for the beginner. Knowlege is the key to a successfull start. As a beginner, I spent a lot of money buying, crashing and repairing helicopters. I decided to start this web page to provide the beginner with valuable information that will help you prepare for this addictive hobby.

Download and review my guides. I will add additional guides as time permits.
I try to break down the complex aspects of the RC helicopter in terms that anyone can understand. If you are experienced hobbyist, you may still find something of interest. If you are a beginner, these guides are for you.

T6Config - the English version

This is my first guide. It explains how to use the T6Config.exe radio configuration application. It contains information on how to setup the Fly-Sky 6 channel radio (model FS-CT6A). This radio has been re-branded with numerous labels such as Exceed. This guide goes well beyond the configuration of this radio. I have included steps for setting up your helicopter, a glossary of terms, and numerous other tid-bits to help you get the new helicopter into the air.

T6Config and Basic Helicopter Setup ( Revision 1.3 released August 21, 2010 - 8.54mb Adobe PDF Format)
(you may also right click the link above, then select "Save Target as..." to download it directly to your computer)

August 21, 2010 - Added a section for RC Boats and Special Configurations

August 22, 2010 - Added ground up head setup instructions

New - Online version Fly-Sky Configuration Manual - Now includes updated content, and an Airplane setup section.